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We haven’t been as excited for a band in recent years. For having followed and covered them since day one (here, here, here, here and here), we can safely say LEISURE have been a top contender for coolest releases, one after the other in true Kiwi fashion. Hailing from Auckland in New Zealand, the five-piece brings a brilliant blend of soul to the table in their new self-titled album (LP) out today worldwide. LEISURE has the knack to produce and deliver high quality gems at each turn. With influences from 70s funk, 90s rap and the very present R&B and dance music straight from the best of the 2000s.

Self-titled Leisure LP is out on 21st October 2016.

With each member playing an equal role in the making of the album, at turns on different instruments, producing duties and even vocals. The resulting is a beyond levelled and top-tier collection of tracks with all the previous ones they shared in the past making a welcome comeback into our playlist rotation, as well as the added bonus of discovering a bunch of new ones:

[title maintitle=”Tracklist” subtitle=”‘Leisure’ LP”]
  1. Leisure - Sodwee.com
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    Got It Bad

  2. Hot Love
  3. Take It To The Top
  4. Know You Better
  5. Something About You
  6. Deeper
  7. All Over You
  8. Control Myself
  9. Nobody Feat. Goldlink
  10. Moonbeam
  11. Your Love
  12. Til The End Of Time

*Bold = New track

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared tracks by Leisure”]

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