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With an already impressive collaboration resumé including Sia and Panic! At The Disco, AM!R dives right in his half-Egyptian, half-Irish American heritage to produce some of the snappiest tracks to date this year. We came across his talent via the ever on point Going Solo, and Marco Zanella’s flair for all things good in the world of music.

It would be going down the easy path to compare AM!R with an hybrid of Prince swagger, crazy Jai-Paul producing skill and the songwriting of some of the best electro-soul artists out there at the moment. AM!R hails from New York in the United States and shows his multi-cultural sides right throughout his offerings. It’s great music for great people like you dear reader. Enjoy any of those on your commute to work, driving in heavy traffic, or when you take your morning shower.

AM!R is force to be unleashed, his track record has already proven to be a brilliant talent in the making. Keep a close eye on him and listen to his full discography as of today (below). We absolutely loved the tracks “Design” and “Parachutes” :

I was in an incredible relationship that slowly and brutally crumbled


[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared material by AM!R”]

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