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We’ve been day one fans of Belgium’s most promising alt-R&B artist Tsar B. She released the stunning “Swim” in anticipation of her long awaited Tsar B EP due out on August 26th. The eerie and dark vocals as well as slickly produced beats of the track make for the strongest single of the summer.

It’s anthemic soundscapes, perfect heavy heat-wave material, Rio Olympics green-pool controversy precipitator makes of the track “Swim” the perfect weapon of mass destruction. The songstress also worked pretty hard to put the final touches to her upcoming debut EP. Working her face off, between exams, touring and promotional commitments as well as recording the follow up to the great track “Myth” and satisfying the hungry masses.

“Swim” does all that and features great hooks, vocals, and the producing craft we’ve been accustomed to since she appeared on our radars. Finally, respect to the behind the scenes work of a great team 😉 and the hard work put in to produce and manage such a promising artist. Listen to “Swim” below and give it some good ol’ luv. We have great hopes for her music, and her future. Hopefully she will also deliver on the live setting front too. Can’t wait to see her performance. SOoooonnn.

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Previously shared material by Tsar B”]

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