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Sometimes, I kick myself. I take too long to react and then a band start getting traction on the other side of the pond. It’s the case with Childhood. Hailing from London (United Kingdom) and roughly, or so it seems, from the same friend circle as Only Real, this four-piece band formed in 2010 and now boasts band members Ben Romans Hopcraft, Leo Dobsen, Daniel Salamons, Jonny Williams.

It’s britpop with something new… Remembering something /someone from the past : nosta-pop or nostalgia-pop as Best Fit would pen it. And they have pinpointed it pretty nicely here. The video below sums it the impression left after listening to their first few tracks and eagerly awaiting their debut album at the beginning of the summer…

[title subtitle=”the official video…”]Watch ‘Solemn Skies'[/title]

These fellas are blowing up and heading on a rather intensive spring/summer festival/tour piling dates to gauge things out in the fields before they release their debut album as I said early summer and then will we only be able to measure their ability to rock a crowd. That said, I have no doubts they will. Listen to the rest of their material, and you’ll get the big picture… You’ll hear some clever lyrics, effective hooks some really creative choruses you’ll be chanting on the top of your lungs in no time :

[title subtitle=”from their Soundcloud Profile”]Latest Sounds[/title]

[title subtitle=””]Pictures[/title] [separator type=”double”]

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