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Island Kizhi is the nickname spearheading the brilliant solo project of a young, talented and adventurous young french producer, now based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Producing some fine dreamy electronic/pop in which one could easily fall for twice (like myself). Escaping in exotic layers of synths into a distant far flung reality.

The musical spectrum of the young man (just past his 20s) is a great nod to electronic music such as Groundislava or even Slow Magic with a fantastical zingy twist “à la Teen Daze or Blackbird Blackbird”. Bringing together powerful layers of drums into some beautifully crafted aerial loops and spot on melodies. Occasionally adding some vocals in the mix giving the resulting music a more human side. That’s when you know you got a real artist on the other end of your beam.

I am so far away

Today, April 13th 2014, we at Sodwee.com, are honored to PREMIERE the official video for the track and first Single, “Gamma Cephei”,  part of the equally promising “Phantom” EP out on the 5th of May via AB Records

Island Kizhi on stage delivers a simple, effective and robust set. Inviting you to gently drift away into his music as drums, loops and layers of precise sound engineering come into place. Usually ending in quite a rush of blood and awesome spectacle. A tad like an eargasm really. I beg/urge you, dear reader, to get to see his live shabbang as he’ll be touring France mostly in the near future, and this is unmissable (see dates below).

NEEDLESS TO SAY, Island Kizhi is a ONE-MAN-FRGGIN’ BAND ! From A-to-Z he does every single piece of art you will hear, see, and feel.

[title subtitle=””]Tour Dates[/title]
  • Paris – 26 avril – Espace B
  • Bordeaux – 02 mai – El Chicho
  • Marseille – 31 mai – Les Demoiselles du Cinq
  • Paris – 26 juin – Glaz’art
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