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It’s really not often we cover a punk rock band. And a band from Copenhagen, Denmark for that matter. Our imagination formatted on colored blocks, legos, clean and minimalism in the design they tend to use got the better side of our judgement. Lame attitude on our part.

Nelson Can are three beautiful nordic women, they sing, play instruments and do all of that very well. They have some great influences to boast, and it was only a matter of time before our paths would cross. One way or another. I was all over my favorite source for new bands last night when a tweet from Kat La mentioning Nelson Can came about. I also remembered agreeing on a weird name like that in the past, my thought confirmed when I double checked, and came about Camelsandlions.com’s discovery on HumanHuman.be. The band was enquiring for good blogs and my Twitter handle got lost in translation right there in the middle of all time faves like CiTR, Selfblown and others… So who are Nelson Can ?

VOCALS / Selina Gin
DRUMS / Maria Juntunen
BASS / Signe Signe Signe

Nelson Can, as I was saying, produce heavy yet simple music with just vocals, bass and drums. That setup will get you places, delivering a powerful sound that goes through the roof in gigs, I suppose, I really hope to get to see them soon. Add inspiration sources by acts like the White Stripes, PJ Harvey, Gossip, the Black Keys and Dead Weather and I’m sold to the stuff. The band’s convictions lies within one principle, this rule that “the set-up made of only drums and bass creates the perfect framework for the simple, yet very powerful minimalistic dogma rock sound” they are trying to convey to their audience. And boy do these girls R-O-C-K !

Nelson Can is a Danish all-female band founded in 2011. It started out as a lie – there was no band – but all of a sudden there was no turning back.

[title subtitle=”One of the first two Singles out now…”]Call Me When You Want To Get Laid [/title]

[title subtitle=”from their Soundcloud Profile”]Latest Sounds[/title]

[title subtitle=””]Pictures[/title] [title subtitle=”released on April, 28th 2014″]NELSON CAN – EP2[/title]

It’s their second EP to date. This one contains five tracks including the two recent singles ”Attack” and ”Call Me When You Want To Get Laid”. The EP is released on the band’s own record label – Like a Can of Beans Records – and will be available as download on iTunes and as streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Wimp etc.

Also a limited 7” vinyl has been printed with the first two singles.

[title subtitle=”released on April, 28th 2014″]EP2 tracklist[/title]
  5. GO LOW

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