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The newest Portland, Oregon import is a girl and boy duo. They are Amelia and Joe, call themselves Calm Candy and have just released a three-part EP named “How It Feels To Want”. Both like to describe the sound they produce as ‘beats and feelings’. Dug up from god only knows where, The Indie Curator has struck gold once again with those perfect harmonies in the vocals throughout this debut EP. Our favourite track so far has to be “Tunnels”. We sense a Purity Ring influence, some XX sprinkling but above all, it’s a great start to further joyous moments with Calm Candy. Do not hesitate to follow these two online,It’s like having found the last remaining candy shop in the middle of no where. A candy shop you can healthily pick’n’mix in without thinking too much about your diet. You know, ’cause all the sweets are made with well, artificial sweeteners (stevia ?) . You will thank us later. Give these three tracks a deserved spin…

[title maintitle=”How It Feels To Want EP” subtitle=”by Calm Candy”]


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