Dark Light
Concept by Tsar B
Directed and cinematography by Maximiliaan Dierickx
Art Direction by Sarah Geirnaert
Setphotography by Alexander Popelier

Tsar B hails from Belgium, a peaceful country stuck in between the Netherland and the North of France, and another border with Luxembourg… The current unwanted scrutiny such a tiny country is getting is well beyond, maybe just a little too much. However, its music scene is just the kinda scene we want to explore more. And Tsar B is no stranger. Unearthed by blog royal, Jarri from Disco Naïveté. The debut track “Escalate” revealed some real powerful FKA Twigs-esque dynamics and rose to our expectations, totally smashing any preconception we had and other FKA Twigs copycat syndrome specifically with with a description like this one “dark blue oriental r&b”. The track sends Tsar B in space, the band/duo will definitely have a lot of fun on that carpet ride, and will hopefully deliver more great music in the very near future. Meanwhile it has/will prove once more quality music runs deeply embedded in Belgian soil. LISTEN BELOW (and give it a  on the Hype Machine). Let’s push things forward for Tsar B).

Today Tsar B release the visuals for that exceptional track, directed by Maximiliaan Dierickx who already worked for the likes of Girls In Hawaï, Baloji and other multiple projects. He followed a concept by Tsar B. Spearheading the R&B awakening from continental Europe, the Belgian duo is fast becoming a go to reference, much like FKA Twigs, BANKS or TALA have been in the past for other parts of the world. Watch the video above, in full screen glory !

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