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There’s a nostalgia with old films that people will soon forget. The sound of a reel clicking, the sight of a flickering burn mark in the corner signaling the need for a change will leave the projector whirling for a single audience member. They’ll hear a different kind of soundtrack thats slipped through the cracks in an oddly enchanting way. It’s an atmospheric sound that settles for a ghostly touch, a feeling that’s uniquely Daughter (after a touch of Halsey and Transviolet). Say hello to Garden Echo. We’re not even sure how this 4-piece band from San Diego slipped under the radar in 2015.

Their self-released debut EP “Quiet Voices” is like an invitation to an underwater garden party. Garden Echo‘s speciality lies in their ability to set a specific mood without telling you how to feel. “Quiet Voices” is like sitting at the bottom of a pool without any of the panic. Linked by sweet, thoughtful vocals and electrifying instrumentals, every song off “Quiet Voices” holds its own.

Aptly named “Poolside,” the first track reminds us of watching light ripple and reflect over night waters. “It’s Alright” ends with a plucking rhythm that’s like watching stars slowly illuminate the sky. But it’s “Nighthawk” that sits on our heart with this prized line that showcases the mastery behind their songwriting skills:

Calm me down
I’m a nervous mess of sound

Formed initially as a writing project between friends Alexia Villarino and Sara Swanson, Garden Echo didn’t fully blossom until Andrew Moberly (guitars) and Josh Edwards (drums) joined. Now their delicate sound floats between the genres of electronic, indie-pop and rock so smoothly that it’s no surprise to learn that each member often switch instruments during their live shows as well. Listen to “Quiet Voices” below. You can also find Garden Echo stunning EP on Spotify, AppleMusic and SoundCloud.

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