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Riding off the high of Kiiara and straight into a world that’s crafted by BANKS x CHVRCHES is Melbourne singer Lisa Spencer. Her new project Aura is incredibly empowering. Through a mix of synth-pop beats and finely layered vocal tracks, Aura brings goosebumps that stay on your skin until your hairs have frozen vertically. Her sound is fascinating from the moment you press play – and it’s not because of the vocal manipulations. It’s her awareness of space and time. Each sound comes at the right at the moment like a delightful shiver you’ve been secretly hoping for all day.

With “New Thing,” Aura pulls and pushes listeners right into outer space, in between the stars and minimally isolated but happily alone. This girl is one show we’d gladly attend alone if we have to. In fact being interrupted in the middle of her set sounds like one of the worst things ever. But then again, we would need the privilege of attending an Aura show in the first place.

We’re all already one month late to this fantastic track. Listen to “New Thing” below.


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