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I’m always interested in what makes an artist tick creatively. So when I was deciding on what to do for my next post here on Sodwee I thought about scheduling a few interviews. Then I started wondering, is there a better way of getting a behind the scenes view of an artist than interviewing them? Then it dawned on me. Getting another artist to interview them; you get two for the price of one… don’t say I never give you anything.

Having been featured on some massive releases by producers such as GANZ, The Him and SRNO, Gia is riding a massive momentum wave. A writer, producer and artist in her own right Gia is a force in her native Amsterdam and overseas.

Alex Sloane has garnered respect and attention within the fashion industry for her on trend Instagram posts. Her debut single ‘G2G’ proved to everyone that her creative strengths extend into the music industry and she hopes to solidify that feeling with her new release ‘Dynasty’.


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Alex Sloane - Sodwee.com AS: It’s so rare that you both produce and write your own work, especially as a female! How has the variety of your talent effected your work?

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: I guess it gives me freedom & independence. I don’t have to wait for anyone. It also makes me feel strong as a female. It is sadly still a men’s world and I believe girls need to realize we have as much (if not more;)) power as men, and get to work. There are moments where I feel I have to prove myself more just because Im a girl, but usually I get as much respect in the game as men do. Because I work very hard and don’t allow myself to think I’m less capable to do it all.

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.com AS: Because of your production and songwriting abilities, you’re able to maintain creative agency over your work, but you’ve also done A LOT of big collaborations! What’s your process for working with other artists?

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: The process is the same almost every time. Someone heard something you’ve done and want to try to make something dope together. I get a lot of awesome beats sent my way to write on. But nowadays I just LOVE to get together with someone who inspires me, have a drink, talk about life a little and than see what happens. I love it when it’s not forced, because usually (with the industry being what it is right now- ) it is. And that can really kill the reasons why you started to do music at some point. So my dream process would be to meet someone, get high on life together and make a soundtrack to that.

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: You’ve also got a lot of strong imagery going with your pics and single covers! How do visuals play into your sound?

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: I think the visuals are as important as music. But they take more time and work. I have a strong idea about what I wanna say and show to people, and actually the visuals always come up first,even before I hear the melody. but I havent released my best stuff yet. Working on that right now. Everything is a process. To find the right people who get you, to stay focused while you’re going through everyday shit that fucks you up in your head you know? Cause you really wanna know who you are, before you draw a picture of that and show it to the world.

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: What’s the coolest opportunity or thing that’s happened to you thus far with your music?

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: I got to meet a lot of people who I really really dig, and connect with. The coolest thing is basically just realising I’m living my dream. Just waking up everyday to write songs and hang with other nerds , who are just as weird as I am. I don’t think life gets better than that.

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: Aside from music, I know you’re a vegan. What’s something you want people to know about Gia outside of the studio.

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: I get really really drunk at the most inappropriate moments.. would do everything for my friends – I love SO hard! I’m obsessed with baby goats and my dog, and I’m just an emotional wreck most of the time. Anything could make me cry at any moment. But I also pick myself up very quickly .

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: What gives you motivation & inspiration in life, art, work?

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: I find inspiration everywhere, but I think adversity is the most motivating factor, whether that be professional criticism or day-to-day hardship. Sometimes, when things get too easy, I become stagnant. I like challenges.

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: Who are your icons in life, music & fashion & why?

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go” changed everything for me. I was only in grade school, but I was so obsessed! My dad taught me how to play guitar, and I bought tons of those jelly bracelets from Claire’s. She was one of the OG singer-songwriters and totally changed the game. Charli XCX is another favorite. I feel like she came in the industry sideways and took it by storm, as a songwriter, fashionista, and now label owner.

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: If there was something you could change in the music industry, what would it be and why?

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: I want more diversity. People always complain about how every pop song sounds the same, and that’s because they’re all written and produced by the same handful of people. I think the industry desperately craves new voices, and once more POC are signed to major labels, we’ll finally be able to bust out of our narrow pop world.

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: Where do you see yourself in 5 years (as a person & as an artist)?

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: In 5 years? Who knows. Maybe I’ll have a published book of my Tweets or a $14 cocktail named after me. I haven’t thought that far in the future, only a few months out to world domination.

Gia Koka - Sodwee.comGK: What do you want people to think about when they think about you?

Alex Sloane - Sodwee.comAS: I want people to feel challenged. I don’t really fit nicely into racial or class-based categories, so people are taken aback when they meet me and don’t know what to think. Sometimes it leads to comical misunderstandings, but it’s always a learning opportunity. I hope to extend that into my art.

You can check out Gia lending her dulcet tones to a beat produced by The Him here (above). If you want to listen to Alex Sloane’s addictive new single ‘Dynasty’ you can do so below :


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