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Who would’ve thought that a love song about two people who refuse to say they’re in love would be one of the sweetest we’ve heard all year? A beautifully done duet, Jesse Gold‘s “One in a Million” is a story of closely held feelings being let out into the open with the help of a little liquor – one that we’ve all probably experienced firsthand at one time or another.

I’ll be honest – I normally hate duets: they’re too prone to cutesiness, corniness, and a host of other saccharine -ness’s. But, in this case, Jesse and Stefani Kimber have all the chemistry in the world, and Jesse’s explanation that writing a song like this from only one perspective “felt cold” makes a lot of sense.

Everything about “One in a Million” seems to induce a warm fuzzy feeling. The production and the vocals don’t even feel like separate things, they’re woven together perfectly, subtly complementing each other in all the right places. Great mood, great melodies, and a great story – can’t really beat that combination.

I didn’t want to tell you cuz I knew that shit would go to your head
But now I’ve got this drink in my hand
I take another sip and say
You’re one in a million

Jesse Gold – One In A Million featuring Stefani Kimber lyric video:

On the track Jesse Gold shares:

I’ve always liked the idea of writing a love song about two people who refuse to say they’re in love. There are a few lines that act as cheeky excuses for not getting close – ‘I didn’t want to tell you ‘cause I knew that shit would go to your head.’ But writing the song from just that one perspective felt cold. What if both people had their reservations, but had something to bring them together despite them? The first thing that came to mind was alcohol. A little bit of liquid confidence – ‘I take another sip and say ‘You’re one in a million.’

Whether you’re feeling up or down right this second, “One in a Million” has all the right stuff to either take you higher or lift you up. It’s just a smile on your face sort of song.

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