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A new dream team on the scene out of Louisville, Kentucky, singer/songwriter Otis Junior and producer Dr. Dundiff dropped some brand new ear candy with “When It’s Sweet”. With just enough old-school sensibility and heaps of fresh feel, this one’s sure to hit the spot.

Otis’s voice has to be the first thing mentioned about this track, as it’s just packed with character, warmth, and a hint of gravel in the tradition of some of the all-time soul greats. Slide in the jazzy production from Dr. Dundiff, and it’s hard to resist the urge to throw on a pair of shades and strut down the nearest city street. And, to put the cherry on top, how can’t you love a music video that sees two grown men surrounded by candy.

When it’s sweet, it’s so sweet
You wrap your loving arms around me
And I know I’m bound to lose either my mind or you
But when it’s sweet it’s so sweet to me

If you’re craving a little more sugar at the end of this one, don’t worry, the duos Rising With It EP is due out soon under Jakarta Records. Go ahead and dig in, just make sure to brush your teeth after.

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