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Dreamy + Clouds + Air France + Travelling would definitely be four keywords we’d use to tag and describe this article. And Nashville Trio BIEN with their latest single “Spinning on Blue” embodies exactly those keywords. It’s dreamy music to fly to, do a little ‘cloud spotting’ on an Air France flight. Why Air France you ask ? Well, it seems they have a knack for producing THE BEST travel playlists out in the aviation world.

“Ya-ya! oooh oooh!”

If, by chance, you find yourself aboard one of their flights, go through the In-Flight Entertainment audio selection they have and scavenge any new music compiled by the Air France Musique team. You’ll find forward thinking artists and their best tracks for traveling. Sit back, relax, have a chardonnay and enjoy the power of music while you gaze at the beautiful outdoors, the blue skies and clouds passing by. I assure you, you won’t regret the experience. I had actually compiled two separate “Cloudspotting” travel playlist for anyone to enjoy while flying a while ago for famous Flight Attendant Blogger: Heather Poole. And I could have totally added “Spinning On Blue” by BIEN to the compilation as it fits brilliantly into the brief.

I love the combination of lo-fi and hi-fi sounds,” Tim says. “We have beautifully recorded strings, combined with vocals that were sung directly into an iPad, and some very simple beats programmed in GarageBand. The sound is synthetic but breathes with tons of humanity. It’s electronic but organic at the same time.


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