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Introducing Brooklyn, NY based duo called Tiger + Man, comprised of Austin hailing singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow and South African born Andrew Orkin. They met back in 2012 while working on other musical projects but this is their pinnacle and we love them for having sent us the appetizer in the form of their self-titled debut EP, recorded at famed facility Fall On Your Sword studios in Brooklyn, NY.

You’ll also enjoy the collective approach to their art, which in their own words is another excuse to collaborate with like minded talented individuals. The result is the complete set of stunning cover artworks they’ve been commissioning from five artists hailing from Johannesburg, Cape Town, New York and Texas. Artists Joe Voysey, Alexandra Karakashian, Jason Stallings, Deanna Smith and Liona Nyariri’s visually delve into the contrasting elements of the EP.

Talking of the self-titled EP. We were introduced to a delicate world of dark magical soul and organic soundscapes transcribed by gritty electronica on “Ive Got Nothing” and those synths are just to die for. Listen instead :

Listen to the entire EP below, another killer debut effort if you ask us ! Plenty of potentially fully grown hits in there. Seriously, we were surprised to stumble across Tiger + Man’s path to great things… Indulge and do not forget to follow their online estates (further down) for further updates from the Brooklyn based duo.

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