Introducing: The Pheels

The Pheels - Greasy - Atlanta

Slick, smooth, maybe even “Greasy”… Regardless of what word you choose to describe the effortlessly sleek sounds of Atlanta duo The Pheels’ latest single, it’s no doubt an eponymously well-oiled machine.

One half Curtis Fields and one half Phil Jones, The Pheels seek to adventure well outside of Atlanta’s well-established trap mould, electing instead for a beautiful blend of pop and R&B. “Greasy” is dense with both – with it’s thick production and on-the-money vocals fusing to create a deep and enveloping sound that’s both addictive and pristine, in the same tradition of some of the rhythm & blues greats who’ve come before. Hell, The Guardian even likened the pair to Prince.

I’m just tryna spit good vibrations…

The real takeaway here is that The Pheels are onto something. With a new EP on the way sometime this August, we can’t wait to see what it is.

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