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In a moment of lucidity the other day, hoovering, I was thinking which tune could summarize the Parisian atmosphere best… I went through a lot of tracks and couldn’t find the perfect one. Until today. The only problem is that the track wasn’t made by Frenchies. But Belgians. A pair of amazing DJs named 2 Many DJs or Soulwax which either you prefer, it doesn’t really matter. These two guys rock the hell, literally. I have a good friend (wannabe DJ himself) who sent me a bunch of their material – their whole discography in fact – and this track was part of the bundle. So, let me explain “le pourquoi du comment”. There is a “boutique” on 213 rue St Honore in the heart of Paris that is an institution for whoever is a style-eater, fashion-maniac and/or a cool “avant-garde” dude. It’s basically an event store that changes theme/artist/designer every week. The shop is called COLETTE and is supra well known in the industry for setting standards, discovering new artists, getting exclusives on limited edition stuff and so on. And because Colette (which is also the name of the lady who owns the trademark) is a celebrity of her own, she asked these two DJs to make a mix for her so that the shoppers go on a musical rollercoaster. The result is amazing and encapsulates the whole feeling of Paris, you can almost smell the pouring rain on the warm tarmac… and that dog turd balancing on the edge of the pavement.

2 Many DJs – Mix for Colette 2004

With french vocals here and there, the likes of Peaches, Chicks On Speed and no other than Johnny Depp’s wife Vanessa Paradis (once famed for singing Joe Le Taxi). It’s 16 minutes long, and it’s freakin’ E-P-I-C ! If you’re in Paris and looking for gifts, limited edition sneakers or else that is a good stop, it can get a little pricey, but it’s Paaaaaaarrrrrreeeeeee ! Until then, be sure to download this mp3 because it’s defo a MUST HAVE.

  1. “wannabe DJ himself”
    Si c’est la personne à laquelle je pense, c’est plus un Wannabe qu’un DJ…

  2. Cher auteur,

    Peut-être que tu vas pouvoir m’aider : je désespère de savoir ce qu’est à 3’40 …impossible de mettre la main dessus. J’ai trouvé l’original track (make it happen de Playgroup) mais c’est un remix là…

    J’espère que tu vas m’aider


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