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I’ve just dug up the photo archives that have been hidden within the abysse of my hard-drive and found some pretty hilarious pictures. Before I started living the high life being a Cabin Crew for Emirates I used to work in the restaurant/bar industry in Paris. I started Geography at University after high-school but I was so eager to see something of the world, so eager to earn my own dosh and just get out of the academic system for a while… I dumped the course after 6 months. In any case my attendance at the classes wasn’t brilliant either so I thought I could do something more productive with my life. I started giving out CV all over Paris for a summer job and Dad recomended me to drop one by Kitchen StaffThe Frog @ Bercy Village in the 12th District of Paris. So I did. I was surprised when Tory (General Manager) called me two days later to have “a chat” as she said, it was nothing more than a conventional job interview. I started a day later as a bus boy, running back and forth from the Sri-Lankan filled kitchen to the customers tables, serving Quesadillas and Beefburgers to the hungry punters. What was supposed to be a summer job, finally ended up in being a 3 year debauchery (pictures are here to prove it). I went up the social ladder in that pub, from Bus Boy to Barman and then moving on to be Shift Manager in one of the other branches they have in Paris then Toulouse in the south of France. In between serving “home-brewed” beers and hand-made beefburger patties, we would have a hell of a time secretly drinking shots to boost the stamina and sell more beers. Of course, the pub industry is quite well known for indulging their staff with brilliant perks, like the €1 pint of lager or half price meals… So you can only imagine the state of the barmaids/barmans/waiters after closing… I can certainly say I had the best time. Especially when my other friends were hard at work finishing their mid term exams and what have you.


I met so many crazy people in those 4 years (in total) working with FrogPubs. Everyone was off the hook in that company, from top to bottom, and I’m not talking about the kitchen staff cause they are something of their kind ! Customers used to love it when the whole staff would start a dance routine to Prince’s “Kiss” song instead of taking orders !! I keep blurred fond memories of that place. Big up to whoever knows me from there !


Otherwise I also found some pictures from the training days in Dubai… our SEP training as well as first aid and service. Take a look. I miss my batchmates but it is a nightmare trying to organise a night out as everyone is flying different times and places !


Finally I’ll be heading to Europe this Sunday, to Paris exactly, my hometown… I’ve been waiting for this flight to happen for the past 3 months and I’m already dribbling in anticipation ! Will tell you all about it in the next “Airboy does XXX”… Stay tuned !

OHHHHH and before I woom off, the photo albums are back up for your viewing pleasure. You will find the link to the page at the top left of this one in the navigation box… Enjoy.

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