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Since we introduced the Parisian trio Keep Dancing Inc back in August 2016 after first meeting Charles, Louis and Joseph in a dark corner of the famous Pop Up Du Label venue through a mutual friend that introduced us… I was in no doubt at all that these young Parisians would make somewhat of a successful career in the music industry. And rightly so. The band has snatched a rather coveted and unlikely pairing with leading American producer Daniel Lynas -who also worked on Kanye West’s Monster, worked with Devonté Hynes and A$AP Rocky- To have him onboard, record the debut EP “Initial Public Offering” and be signed to Un Plan Simple in that amount of time only proves one thing. The three lads are onto bigger things.

The “Initial Public Offering” EP manages to give plenty whilst retaining some. Always inviting. The collection of tracks knows how to reveal a layer at a time as plays undeniably start to stack-up, leaving the listener with a little more at each listen.

It never gets old. Like scorching hot bathwater topped with the best bubble-bath you’re trying to get into. It smells so nice as you enter, then burns with the hot water until you manage to settle in full-body and actually really enjoy doing nothing in your bath, playing with the remaining bubble-bath or simply relaxing after a long day. Keep Dancing Inc, have instilled that impression in me.

Aside from the tracks we have already covered in our previous post. This EP holds to definite bangers in the name of “Interested?” and ” How Should We Feel”. Two of my new favourites here:

Buy 'Initial Public Offering' EP
Buy Keep Dancing Inc – Initial Public Offering

Louis (guitar) and Charles (vocals and guitar) met at a Palma Violets gig, later joined by Joseph (Keys) all have been brought up to a wide array of music whilst growing up. Some enjoying 60’s to 80’s rock. They’ve dabbled in the punk scene, can be seen enjoying some live R&B, synth pop or surf rock. The result is an unlikely blend of cold-wave, with zouk or “cold zouk” as they’ve penned it themselves. It’s silky pop with a danceable twist. Listen to the entire EP throughout the article here and be sure to add them on social networks and especially catch their live show. It’s a must you really need to see live at least once. And there’s no excuse. The band likes to travel abroad to perform.


Keep Dancing Inc – Rhum & Ginger Magic:

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