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Breezy, jazzy rap from Chicago is largely old news to hip-hop fans at this point. Charlie Curtis-Beard, however, is hot off the presses. While the Chi-town rapper shares some common threads with contemporaries like Saba, Charlie’s style is rife with individuality, humor, and pure fun – all of which are clearly on display in his new video for “Fried Chicken”.

Normally, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ isn’t a quality I search for in music, but when it’s done as perfectly as it is on this track, a normal song becomes an all around good time. Drawing inspiration from La La Land of all places, “Fried Chicken” sees Charlie wittily and light-heartedly defending his interracial relationship, insisting he doesn’t only like white girls. The video feels like a scene from a musical with it’s incredibly sharp choreography, while the instrumentation uses plucky stand-up bass and intoxicatingly harmonized backing vocals to create a sound reminiscent of a shadowy jazz club illuminated by fresh energy and flair.

My baby loves fried chicken…

With this being a single from Charlie’s upcoming Existentialism On Lake Shore Drive LP, we’re excited for what’s to come. Simply put, “Fried Chicken” has all the amusing engagement of a live performance, and Charlie has all the charisma he needs to become Chicago’s next big name.

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