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Today we received the kindest email you could hope for on a grey Sunday morning. It was sent from Berlin, Germany, after the blog was recommended to her by a producer friend named Jan (he also happens to be friends with me on Facebook, so thank you Jan). With just enough words to spark our curiosity and dig a little more into it. the Subject read : “for fans of Lykkie Li, FKA Twigs, Lana del Rey, Aluna George“. And being a fan of these singers myself, sender Kat Vinter knew she was striking a couple chords with us. More so when she purposely asked to be featured in the “Introducing” section. Miss Vinter knew all the way.

We eventually came round to listening to her entire Soundcloud tracks before mid-afternoon and we had only thing left to mind: Write these pithy words and get her out there, quick. She’s been making music for over 2 years, and released/uploaded her other tracks to the internets, with one standing out to us : “Sooner Or Later”. Listen to the track further down.

However, it is with “Downtime” (available for download on the track page) that we discovered Vinter‘s soundscape. And we were not disappointed to say the least. It’s a brilliant piece with the perfect amount of everything. A well balanced production, just as impressive as the vocal performance itself. Finally, the lyrics seal the deal. We cannot stress enough, but hell, give this track a listen (above).

Kat Vinter’s debut EP Propaganda, should be released in October. And we cannot wait to hear more from the Germano-Aussie singer who’s blossoming out there with plenty of talent to spare.

Remember, you too can make it onto blogs, send us your work, with a few words on who you are, where you come from, and you could easily end up upon here. It only takes a quick email and genuine courtesy to get yourself on top of the pile, we do not bite ! Kat Vinter can testify !

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