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Hollaaaaaa everybody ! Sorry for the slight delay again on this Sundaze #104. But here it is ! After updating, and tweaking the look and feel of the blog (do you like it ? Feedback welcomed in the comment section at the bottom) we have finally come round to posting this very Hip-Hop / Rap-esque selection of tunes you really need to be downloading today ! We got plenty from Fictonian, to The NBHD via Anna Calvi’s brilliant cover of “Papi Pacify” (FKA Twigs). There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. As always, you can stream / play or even download each track individually below (right click > save target as… on the tracklist below) or go all out and download the entire package, complete with artwork + full tracklist ready to be included in iTunes or any other mp3 player/library. All mp3s have been manually tagged by me. So hopefully you will be able to enjoy them right away !

Anyway, I need a break now, been at it for too long. I’m out, peace dudes, dudettes. See ya on the bright side !

Best, Sodwee.


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