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.JONES. - Sodwee.comJONES is another talent scouted and produced by XL’s own Rodiadh McDonald. She popped up on our radars at the end of the weekend… With only one track actually public on her Soundcloud profile. The Aldgate, London-dwelling Jones has already gone pretty much viral, and excited many blogs around the world. UK first, then the rest of the world. As we write this, her track is a day old, and has gathered close to ten thousand plays. A testament to the great things to come for the lady. Not much else is available of course as per the new trend in the music industry these days. Releasing new acts out of the blue. However we do know she’s beeing back by 679 Recordings in London. Expect her to collect much of the vote in the end of year lists as her debut track “Deep” makes a name for itself and puts JONES in the limelight for future tracks/EPs to come.

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