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lurdez-da-luz-cd-gana-pelo-bangWe’re flying back to Brazil today, with a female MC we’ve been supporting since the debut of her first steps as a reputable Sao Paulista MC. Luana Dias, also known as Lurdez Da Luz has been on the Brazilian Hip-Hop / Rap scene since 2010 after releasing her first solo album, closely followed by an EP (now available for free on Soundcloud). But before she discovered her newfound love for rapping, she went round as a guitarist but soon realised that road was not for her. She joined MC Mamelo Sound System and has since supported acts such as Afrika Bambaataa, The Roots and DJ Marky. Hopefully her tracks will go behind borders as we’d really like to see her live in Europe soon, just like Karol Konka, Tulipa Ruiz and just recently the Pearls Negras already achieved.

We’ve got to say we fell totally in love for three tracks already :

  • “DR”
  • “Poder”
  • “Beijinho”

We do not understand a single word, and we do not care. We try to sing along as best as we can here at Sodwee.com HQ and couldn’t care less really. It’s that good you know.

[title subtitle=”Listen to her latest tracks”]LURDEZ DA LUZ – GANA PELO BANG[/title]

[title subtitle=”Lurdez Da Luz – Levante”]WATCH[/title]

[title subtitle=””]PICTURES[/title]

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