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Contacted via this very website, yesterday, I discovered a new band called Northod with a very distinct sound, very dark-pop-rocky outfit. The band hails from up and coming musical scene : Bordeaux comprised of four young members, Thomas Layan on Vocals & Guitar, Romain Quesnoy on Guitar, Alexandre Chéné on Bass and Guillaume Sajus behind the Drums

“Sadist sounds around me, come to die 
Fallen angel haunts me, cold inside 
Deviant dreams will damn me, consuming alive 
Sorrow for your loss, should I cry?”

The cold new-wave we already covered extensively with Be Quiet, and to some extent Banquise (who are releasing their crowd-funded video tomorrow, by the way...) but this band has plenty of potentially anthemic tracks inside the album they are planning to drop towards the end of February for our hungry eardrums… “Truth of Masks” the planned first single from Northod is infectious as it is dark with a great melody to whistle along to. I dig it mucho !

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