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We’ve been covering Hoodlem before, and the least we can say is that this Melbourne duo brings Jam back into the slow of R&B that emanates from one of the most livable / likable cities in the worlds southern hemisphere. Today they just dropped a classic slow jam named Kintsugi (a Japanese art form of repairing a broken object/sentiment with gold dust). On Kintsugi, Hoodlem get their hands dirty and try to repair a broken relationship…


The track revolves around background beat that is not structured as well as a parading groove that seduces your every side. Kintsugi is another little gem of a track, in all it’s cool and and creativity.

This is an act with gargantuesque potential, like most things out of Australia it seems (at least in the music industry) these days. More so, the track was written in New York. And for those who’ve been, who doesn’t fall in love in New York then breakup virtually on the same day, left there picking up the pieces ? I wonder.

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