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ROIS is the addition of two super talented individuals as producers Vincent Coleman & Nickolas Hughston, they both come from Los Angeles, in the United States, and have unleashed a brilliant set of uber-sultry tracks, sensual tracks, even, on their 4-track EP Love High. It’s plenty of soul, electro, and a clever blend of poppy R&B sound you won’t get tired off ! Check out the our two favorite track below and a listen to the entire EP before you put these writting skills to a cheque.

Love High is best describe as a journey from the deepest parts of your soul to the widest parts of your heart, and across the limitless expansions of your mind. We feel we’ve created a sound that is both modern and pure, driven with a fearless vulnerability that will leave you wanting more – Rois


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ROIS - Love High EP - Sodwee.com

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