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Yo yo yo. Saturdays in Paris are a bore. A total bore. So I’m using my free time to update you with this blazingly good Sundaze #45. Packed with goodies from all over the world. From established artists such as Ta-Ku, Elliphant or Little Boots to very new, very fresh acts such as White Blush, Halasan Bazar, Yume, FTSE, Melt Yourself Down or even L’Enfant and Fashions… We’ve got them all in one conveniently bundled package for you. All you have to do to get your hands on this ZIP download is “like our Facebook page”. Simple as. Like once, and you get all the next Sundaze playlist we’ll offer too ! Every weekend, on Sunday’s we bring you the newest, coolest, freshest tunes that made waves across the music blogs from around the world. We’re proud to have Paul Grelet once again for the cover art duties. He’s surprised us with yet another striking piece :

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