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Thomston, real name Thomas Stoneman is 18 years old, he’s from New Zealand has top vocals to boots, he’s making alternative pop with hints of hip-hop production elements and the layered vocals we’ve come to adore from this Kiwi scene, and to round things off nicely, already has got major labels eyeing his every move. Hey big fish, the dude is STILL unsigned. Get on it pronto. His influencers are however not limited to Kimbra, Queen, Michael Jackson, Sam Smith, Haim, James Blake, and the obvious ‘overnight’ grammy winner, Lorde…

“Any New Zealander who releases pop music is instantly the second coming of the Lorde,” he explains. “I’m a fan of her and her music, but the comparisons are growing tiresome. Plus, I haven’t got Grammys so I’m like the lame, non-famous, less cool, and not critically acclaimed version of her.”


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