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Now now now, here’s some great news. A new track and the promise to finally see with my bear eyes what Thomston really actually is like live. Yes, this kid, literally, had sent in his first tracks back in the day (close to a year now), before being picked up by the almighty Saiko (Manager for world sensation Lorde and also Mt Eden). His debut and follow-up EP were brilliant. Now the Auckland (New-Zealand) native is about to embark on what seems to be an epic tour around the world in support of his newest endeavor in the name of his upcoming EP “Backbone. It is due out on April 20th and as you can imagine, if anything indicates this little chap is going to achieve big this 2015. Just like Lorde did in fact, the same pattern, or plan of action as indeed been replicated here :

Nurture > release a debut EP > then a second > a few blogs pick up > return to the studio > finalize a monumental EP > more blogs get caught up in the promotional wheel > then go back for more tweaking in the studio > get a few live shows ready > participate at up-coming festivals > then let all hell loose with a brilliant album > mingle with Kanye West, Taylor Swift > do some high-profile shows and sell millions of copies of said album. Just like Lorde did

Thomston will play his debut European shows at The Great Escape Festival  in Brighton and will play his first mainland european show in Paris at Les Etoiles (we’ll be there for sure)…

Taking set on location in a small New-Zealand town of his, depicting frustrations of a young teen wanting more out of his world, Thomston soon reached a crossroads of his own: he completed high-school the same year his songwriting blossomed and sharpened, with the gamble of music on one side and a potential degree to study Urban Planning at University on the other. He chose the music path while putting his Urban Planning degree on standby while he gets a career in music rolling. Thomas then set the machine on track by quietly researching a list of blogs (we are proud to be part of them) and sending them a debut EP himself to critical acclaim and worldwide blog support.

Thomston‘s soon to be released ‘Backbone’ EP is a kind of snapshot of life before it all gets complicated – when a group of friends grow up together, reach a certain age, and just don’t know what will happen next… Listen to “Collarbones” (above) and watch “Anaesthetic”, the underwater video he released previously (below).

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