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Malouines is from France, but based out of Moscow in Russia. We don't know much more of the artist behind the moniker. Malouines sent in his VERY first original track today (just after putting it online in fact). Known in and around the scene for cleverly remixing up-and-coming acts like The Pirouettes, Pendentif and Miniature Tigers. So it's his real first attempt at creating some music from start to finish. We're glad he thought of Sodwee.com to have it heard because it truly made our day ! After sweating away pushing tracks left, right and center today we needed that kind of vibe to sign-off with today. You better spin that track pronto, it will cheer you up ! Listen above.

With the amount of music I have to spin, I can only select a few to do write ups on – it’s a one man operation here, and my grey cells are dwindling by the hour – so here’s a little weekly bonus selection of music we haven’t had the time to cover but really do recommend nonetheless those one liners is where I usually start my posts. It’s packed with the latest tracks, gems, and dancefloor goodness you’ve come to expect from Sodwee.com. HIT PLAY NOW, Relax :

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[column]Saturday, Monday‘s “Marble Coast” featuring Brolin is only a mere 16 days into it’s online life but already forcing it’s way into my top track easily. I’ve just had so much backlog I haven’t had the time to sit down and enjoy this beautiful track. Hit me now. It’s pure bliss… Saturday, Monday is from Sweden, and got Brolin’s unmistakable voice to the top tier on “Marble Coast” that’s for sure ! Best enjoyed while you’re down in an empty, dark room.


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[columns_row width=”half”] [column][/column] [column]Andrea Balency – Waterfalls. Her latest track, with strong Björk and FKA Twigs influences. Play, lick and like it ! Do not miss out on the Mexi-French bundle of gorgeousness that and her new track “Waterfalls”…[/column] [/columns_row]

[columns_row width=”half”] [column]Mehari – All This Time (Employee Of The Year remix) is just another perfect example of the talent pool that lies in Southern France around the Toulouse, Bordeaux area to pin point more precisely. Mehari are about to break huge here in France, and Employee Of The Year saw fit to remix their strongest track yet. Kudos. It’s a winner as always ! [/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row]
[columns_row width=”half”] [column][/column] [column]Ruelle‘s “Up in Flames” delivers dark electronic production with cinematic elements and haunting vocals. The track has been featured on tv shows like Revenge, Sleepy Hollow, Da Vinci’s Demons, etc. and will be featured on Ruelle’s EP, expected in January of 2015.[/column] [/columns_row]
[columns_row width=”half”] [column]Tongues are from Glasgow, Britain and deliver mega synths, sub beats and soaring vocoders from Glasgow.They produce strong tracks each time they post one up their soudcloud profile. It’s for fans of electronic pop, alternative electro and vocoder[/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row]
[columns_row width=”half”] [column][/column] [column]Seoul are a Montreal-based trio, and this track will have you like them for real. “The Line” is a little nugget of a track you desperately need to get a hold of. After “White Morning” and “Stay With Us” the only two previous tracks they’ve outted, they have finally made a step forward into their career. Watch them grow by the minute.[/column] [/columns_row] [accordion] [item title=”Got a track to share ?”]

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