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RATIONALE - Fuel To The Fire - Sodwee.comWhen you have Pharrell, Scott Verner, Monsieur Timberlake (not me, the real dude) of Beats 1 (that new mammoth global radio by Apple Music), a whole bunch of industry big fishes as well as a frightening number of dedicated bloggers backing your two previous releases… Namely “Re.Up” and “Fast Lane“. It comes without any surprises that the third installment by Rationale will be closely followed and get traction on the interwebs the minute it is made public.

“Fuel To The Fire” is a song about power, pressure, frustration & hope. It was written after watching particularly grim news on the television around a year and a half ago and should serve as the title for his upcoming debut EP out September 18th 2015. Check the tracklist below :

  1. Fast Lane
  2. RE.up
  3. Fuel To The Fire
  4. The Mire

Rationale keeps every ingredients intact in his “Fuel To The Fire” single he just happened to have uploaded as I’m back for a little while blogging hard as ever. The London-based singer-songwriter unleashed his track upon us today with great expectations. And the boy delivered once again with this huge track.

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Previous tracks by Rationale”]

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