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indulgeEP-JonesIt really didn’t take long to absolutely fall in dire love for East Londoner Cherie Jones better known as Jones and her AK Paul co-produced debut EP ‘Indulge’. A fantastic 4-track master piece in all things R&B, Soul. Some german precision crafting in the production and a pristine vocal effort; Jones manages to throw the saddest feelings at you, and you keep on smiling. As if you were under her spell. If she worked her magic on you, you are already singing along to “Indulge”, the title track of her recently released debut EP via 37 Adventures.

We rightfully thought : “hey why not interview Jones en vivo while she’s over for her performance at Nuba for the brilliant Slow Jams event… Which saw the band Her break through that same night and go on to take the world with their hit “Quite Like”…

Anyway, we had set up a time and meeting place but things got out of our control, and finally reached Jones via email for her to answer the burning questions we had in mind… Here’s Sophie’s ITW :

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Interview by Sophie.
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Your first EP Indulge was released in April but for how long have you been making music ?

I have been making music for many years, I started writing songs at the age of fifteen and got myself involved in as many music projects as I could. I took every opportunity to work with people and develop my singing and writing. I had a few singing lessons but am mainly self-taught through practice at home and self-analysis, listening to my voice and seeing where I could improve it.

For this EP you worked with three different producers : Raffertie, Rodaidh McDonald and AK Paul. How did you get in touch with them and how was it working with each one of them ?
Jones - In Paris for Slow Jams @ Nuba
Jones – In Paris for Slow Jams @ Nuba

I was fortunately introduced to them all via my record label, it is a bit of a ‘trial and error’ process when working with producers you never know if it is going to work, but thankfully these three collaborations turned out well. Deep was co-written with Brunelle, they wrote the chords and I did the lyrics and melody and we worked on the structure together. Rodaidh finalised the production and brought everything together in the right way, we re-recorded vocals and he brought a great moody feel that still had energy through the synths and other things.

I’d written with Raffertie before he worked on Indulge which I wrote with Ollie Green, so he had a feel for the sound I wanted to create. Raffertie is extremely talented and always has so many ideas working with him is always interesting.

A.K. Paul happened quite early in the process and I after he played me some of his music I instantly liked his distinctive sound. After we meet he gave me some music to write to and I got the verses and chorus and home and then we wrote the middle 8 together.

You switch easily from 80’s pop to experimental R’N’B. What are your influences ?

I listened to a lot of Stevie Wonder growing up and still do now, my mother played a lot of soul but there was also Bob Marley and some Madonna mixed in there. More recently, I also love artists like Grimes and Little Dragon and Lykke Li.

Love seems to be a recurrent theme in your songs. Do you agree with The Supremes, it’s « a game of give and take » ?

I think love is about the balance between the love you have for another, and the love you have for yourself – whether that be a lover or friend, family member. Love is a beautiful thing but it can leave you depleted if you give too much and lose yourself, and if you’re the one doing all of the taking then you’re missing the opportunity to learn love’s lessons and experience its true nature.

I’d say it’s about balance.

Are you already working on your first album and what can we expect from it ?

Yes I am working on my album, I’m still in the writing process. I’ve worked with some great people like Raffertie, Ollie Green, Justin Parker, Jonny Latimer and Simon Aldred. My music is classic-sounding electronic soul fused together with organic elements. There is definitely going to be a range of moods on it, it’s emotive, it’s reflective, it has moments that lift you up and moments that make you evaluate yourself.

On your instagram profile you’ve posted 3 photos of pages of your diary. One addressed to a friend, another to your mum and finally one to your love. Is it easier for you to write down your feelings than express them out loud ? 

Those are actually the lyrics to “Deep,” “You” and “Indulge”. I can speak easily about my feelings that has never been an issue but just sometimes enjoy the clarity that can come with writing out your feelings, so that you’re heard without interruption. I thought I’d write the songs out as letter’s because in a way that’s what they are.

What are you listening to at the moment ?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Tame Impala, I love their psychedelic rock beachy sound. Their hooky melodies pull me in I’m listening to them on repeat. They remind me of a mix between The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Also enjoying Lykke Li’s latest album.

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‘Indulge’ EP by Jones is available now via 37 Adventures.

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