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This hot summer is still very much in full swing, and we love it ! A storm has hit the French capital yesterday and drenched every single Parisian to the bones. We loved it. Today the wind is blowing strongly and it is a welcome break from the usual sweaty climate we’ve been used to over the past few weeks. Anyway, here are 13 tracks you really need to download today. Enjoy Sundaze n°132. It’s a free weekly gift from us to you. Complete with a Paul Grelet designed cover art.

Sundaze #131 – #Retirement

Original artwork is designed by Paul Grelet. We thank him again, and like every week, we cannot push you enough to give his portfolio/blog a visit. He’s a good ol’friend of ours and a great artist all round. We think highly of his work and friendship. So go forth and check his work out : www.paulgrelet.com

Either download the .ZIP file, listen/stream each track individually below, or even download ONE track or many by “right-clicking” then “saving target as” as you hover over the track list below… A normal click on a given track will play/stream it.

Sundaze #132

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