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We were caught off-guard with Josa Barck‘s first single, “The Future” back in April of this forsaken year. Caught off-guard by the sheer upbeat nature of his offering. Today, yet again we find ourselves pleasantly surprised by the overall gentle atmosphere that comes off Barck’s newest single titled “Twenty-twenty(1)”. A sharp pop number clearly inspired by the eighties and spearheaded by the synth-heavy instrumentation on display throughout his musical soundscape.

Josa Barck’s latest single “Twenty-twenty(1)” fits snuggly between an old-school David Bowie hit, The Talking Heads and a smooth David Byrne.

With its optimistic lyrics and signature upbeat delivery. Josa Barck has another great track to showcase here with “Twentytwenty(1)”. We absolutely love it. Not because we’ve just settled ourselves in another lockdown here in Paris and we need a pick-me-up. But because we already see the light at the end of the tunnel because of it. We trust the future as much as he does. We’ll enjoy the moment as it comes as much as he does.

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