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I love the simple tracks done so, so well, and this latest offering from Melbourne’s Kinkora is nothing if not gorgeously stripped back and astoundingly well-executed. “You Got Me” is one of those songs that clears your head and fills it with the sensations of the music – one of those songs that can’t be thought about, only felt.

Listen to You Got Me by Kinkora

The guitar easing you into the track has a beautiful, hazy smokiness to it, almost like somebody playing softly in the room next to you late at night. Other than some delicate drums, that’s really it for the instrumentation. It all comes down to Kinkora’s absurdly good sense of melody and crystal voice. She reminds me a lot of H.E.R. in some ways, and sounds like nobody but herself in a lot of ways – one of those voices that’s strong and soft at the same time, that’s just dripping with the feeling of the words she’s singing.

When my mind gets heavy
You hold me down, keep me steady
Keep me breathing when I’m empty
So I can find a moment’s gravity

Make sure to give the accompanying video a watch too and, by the way, this is only Kinkora’s second release. Like, ever. Hope this one gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing up as it did mine.

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