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I think that, in a lot of ways, a perfect acoustic ballad can embody everything we love about music with just a guitar and a voice. On “All Into Nothing (Acoustic)”, R3HAB and Mokita paint melodies that hurt and melodies that heal in a song I really can’t help but describe simply as gorgeous.

The first thing that’s striking about “All Into Nothing (Acoustic)” is how deep and resonant the guitar is, sounding like it’s in a drop tuning that you’d typically expect from a hard rock track. That idea of resonance sets the scene for the entire song, wherein every vocal melody and chord progression seems to find its way home, scattering huge-feeling, chill inciting moments of resolution and finality throughout the whole three minutes.

Mokita absolutely outdoes himself on this performance, with thoroughly honest, straight from the heart singing that seeks out both the notes you’re hoping for and the ones you’d never expect. These bittersweet, broken love ballads are so powerful, and Mokita‘s vocals elevate this one to stunning heights.

Wish I knew how you were doing
I see your friends at coffee shops
Work is fine I’m keeping busy
‘Til I break down in parking lots

Good luck listening to this one without opening some film reel scene of one memory or another. “All Into Nothing (Acoustic)” is best consumed in a grey-lit room on a half rainy day but, whatever the weather, press play on this one.

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