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Kimberly White, is the first offering from 25 year old Swedish newcomer Bavé, an R&B artist about to release his debut EP titled ‘Vermouth’ in the fall. A sleek, well produced, track that paints a rather sad picture as you’ll understand when you hit play on the track below.

The track was written by Bavé himself and co-produced by Leo Goldmann when they were based out of an island outside their home city of Stockholm. There’s a perfectly balanced amount of some of the early The Weeknd and clear James Blake influence thrown into “Kimberly White”. Hit play and appreciate. Share around if you like what you hear. And follow Bavé on Instagram for more visuals and latest from the artist.

For Fans Of (#FFO) a lovechild between The Weeknd, James Blake with the attitude of Blood Orange thrown into the sound.

“Kimberly White” is out now via Teron Records.

Follow Bavé on : Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube

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