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The Brits seem to have a more refined way of saying almost anything, even “I stole your girl”. On “Comfort Zone”, London’s Deema turns that simple sentiment into a bouncy rap jam that’s brimming with U.K. vibes, unabashed confidence, and a fresh voice.

There’s not a whole lot of background to give on Deema – but the young gun’s dexterity over a beat speaks for itself. In the vein of Loyle Carner, but with more pent up energy, Deema bounds from bar to bar effortlessly here, staying sharp while making for an easy listen. “Comfort Zone” is a title both well-suited and contradictory: a tune that fits like a glove while still giving the envelope a little shove.

You thought you were the guy

‘Til you got smoke in your eye

Man already explained

Still they wanna go and ask why

Deema‘s appropriately named debut EP “The Debut” and his single “Through it All” from earlier this year make up the foundation of a seriously strong catalog from a young UK rapper. With the addition of “Comfort Zone” it looks as though he’s building something special.

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