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We’ve been covering Ginevra’s output since her very first debut track “Forest” and our second favourite song from the Italian songstress titled “Lips” just confirmed our sentiment. Ginevra, will be here to stay for quite some time. Then came a beautiful new track just released this September titled “Burning”. Produced to the heavens with taste, balance and overall golden skills, “Burning” is another testament to the talent oozing from Ginevra‘s aura. It comes ever so naturally it seems, it’s disconcerting at times but remains ever so beautiful to listen to. Ginevra was born in Turin (Italy) and moved to Milan in 2012 to find the perfect sound fit for her adventures. She found solace in the producers Francesco Fugazza and Marco Fugazza that forged the sound she now delivers masterfully on “Burning”. They were also behind her debut EP ‘Ruins’.

Minimalistic in production and instrumental approach. Ginevra’s sound pattern revolves around a constant flow that were built in the form of diary pages. Mostly autobiographical and introspective, her songwriting takes inspiration from the daily urban elements and nature. Thus, escaping the chaos in a cloud of truly soulful moments stuck in a dreamy haze.

Speaking about her brand-new single Burning’, she says:

‘Burning’ is the last sunset of the summer, running to catch the train just to see your lover and share that one last kiss, the feeling that – for one moment – everything is possible. It makes me feel light, like dancing under a pink sky, until the sun sinks into the sea. It’s a song I’m very proud of, just like I’m of the close team that works with me.

‘Burning’ was released on September 20th via Factory Flaws


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