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Factory Flaws, the label/management team behind some of Italy’s greatest indie successes and past impresario’s at Going Solo music blog has that flair that only few outlets have mastered in that corner of the world (Italy’s finest new music blog – love these guys). And today, true to their reputation they conquer and deliver on their promise with another great artist signed to their label… I present you GINEVRA. Born in Turin in the summer of 1993. She built an introspective identity and persona. 

Moving to Milan in 2012 to pursue her truest sounds, GINEVRA developed her music’s sensibility through research and a welcome pairing with producer Francesco Fugazza. A producer that hasn’t let her go since and has overseen most of the debut EP ‘Ruins’.

Built like a teenage diary, witnessing her intimate life through the pages. The songs off ‘Ruins’ come across speckled with tear marks, ruffled with fears. Slow-burning into growth and relief. She also whispers a few words about love in too. No true diary goes without a dash of teenage love, obviously.

The resulting sounds are delicate and exquisitely produced with so much attention to detail it’s hard not to like the tracks on offer here… Cue in sparsely used reverb, soft atmospheric noises and light percussions and you have borderline addiction. Same goes for the – most often times – whispered vocals by GINEVRA that bring alluring body to the finished product.

Listen to the Ginevra’s first track “Forest” out today (November 14th 2018) via Factory Flaws.

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