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Put aside all of the stereotypes and clichés that are rife within American youth culture and teenage pop culture globally, Isaac Dunbar could well run to be the next Ambassador to that obscure realm. The all too important liaison that bridges the divide between the sometimes brutal world of any school environment and the rest of us out here not really understanding what is actually going on. (Think, actual, positive impact through culture in regards to the #BeBest program initiated by #Flotus with a mere, pathetic leaflet).

Isaac Dunbar‘s music sounds oddly mature for someone who just turned fifteen and got over “Freshman Year” with flying colors as picked up and premiered by influential trendsetting outlet The Fader. Today, he’s back again with the equally compelling second track “Blonde”.

Produced with taste, penned lyrics that are just impressive and brilliantly executed vocals. There’s plenty to say about Isaac Dunbar‘s limitless talent range. Listen to “Blonde” and “Freshman Year” below to get acquainted with the rising talent out from the United States of America. And follow the already popular channels he got going below…


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