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When we were saying that Ginevra writes music like a diary we weren’t kidding. The Turin-born singer-songwriter returns with her second ever track out via Factory Flaws titled “Lips”. An otherworldly intimate take on her inner feelings and identity. Now based in Milan, Ginevra is gearing up to release her debut EP ‘Ruins’ having teamed up with producer Francesco Fugazza, who’s been around the project from the beginning.

‘LIPS’ out now via Italian independent label Factory Flaws.

Lips” is the second single by Ginevra. Speaking of the track, she explains:

“This song represents how I felt at the beginning of a new chapter, crowned by the struggles I face every time with my unfinished internal businesses and a new love right around the corner. More than once, I found myself thinking I had to focus on myself before giving all of me to Love again. But eventually, I always decide to give it a try, no matter how scared I am. “Lips” is a kind request to whoever finds us in a critical moment: “Please, be kind and true. Or just leave.”

We cannot wait to share more from the rising artist and strongly encourage you to follow her Soundcloud profile and Facebook account for up to the minute newsfeed (see links further down) but also take a listen to her previous track “Forest” we had introduced to you a while back.


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