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This is a throwback down memory lane. “Pterodactyl 1994”, the newest track by Pikes is a relatable piece of music to which anyone born in the 90’s will have feelings about. We all played with that flying dinosaur in our childhood. You know the one moulded in bendy plastic. It came in different sizes but you get my drift. We all had one in our little hands at some point. Whether it was in your playroom or someone else.

Pikes dreamt up this little beauty in his sleep and woke up one day with the chorus rushing through his brain. He’d already penned the title for the track and turned out to be the perfect fit.

The song itself touches upon the little worlds we see ourselves in during childhood and moving on to discover new, bigger, darker ones as we get older. Discovering difference amongst people in totally different settings and environments.

For Fans Of M83, a luscious Bon Iver and an early James Blake.

Pikes says about the track:

The sense of being different I later found was an attribute that made me feel pride instead of the fear and insecurity that I had previously felt. This is a reflection and a recapturing of the moment that that spark of a realisation was lit.

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