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There are plenty of cool rap names out there, but Akinyemi‘s Nigerian meaning of “fated to be a warrior” puts it on a level of its own. Along with the name comes a warrior mentality – one that the Queens native takes very seriously, as is readily apparent on his newest track, “Finna”.

“Finna” sees Akinyemi cutting a perfect medium between the groovy ease of someone like Goldlink and a Kendrick-esque confidence and aggression. The beat is just clattery enough to make those harder lines hit right, but also melodic in a way that suits the varied upflows and little tastes of singing that speckle Akinyemi’s bars.

I’m on the move tryna move out

Everyday I’m workin’, my team craftin’ a new route

Had a vision, my mom wakin’ up in a new house

I need three gates, four maids, and a blue couch

With his debut album coming down the pipeline, Akinyemi‘s warrior vibes aren’t going to be in short supply anytime soon. Press play on “Finna” and keep an ear out for more great bars to come.


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