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Brighton’s Phoria just released “Evolve,” and it’s given us the absolute fucking chills. Phoria’s unique collection of sound has always by-passed anxiety to induce peace, and “Evolve” is no exception. If you’ve ever felt serenity fall upon you during a time-lapse, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

This mystical production of cinematic rock sings like a soliloquy to the wind. It’s a bit hard to understand what Trewin Howard is singing, but the synth and instrumentals build a soundscape that lets you into their visual world without a word. However, the true beauty in “Evolve” is that it echoes as much as it transforms. In fact, it’s in the echoing delay of lyrical comprehension where the emotion builds. Understanding meaning in itself is a type of evolution, and upon repeat listens, every word you need to hear Phoria has already made as coherent as possible.

Now especially if you’re a fan of Explosions in the Sky, then let Phoria bring you a breath of fresh air. Listen to the track below:

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