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We first heard Bonzai perform some exquisite vocals on Mura Masa’s amazing track “Lovesick” (listen below). Today she releases her second ‘Sleepy Hungry’ EP on Mura Masa’s label, Anchor Point Records. She enrolled John Calvert, Royce Wood Junior and Mura Masa Himself on production duties.

Mura Masa – Lovesick F*** ft. Bonzai

Born to Jazz singer in Indiana and raised in Wicklow, Ireland, by a drummer father. Bonzai moved to the British capital in her teens to attend a music degree at tech School. That’s where she forayed into her musical soundscape, mixing up as many styles as she could after working and being spotted by John Calvert and Mura Masa through a common session.

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She took that advice to the letter, not easily pigeonholed, her music is a clever blend of drum & bass, R&B, and some punk attitude. And the mix comes in so naturally you’d be surprised how well the sound-barista delivers. Being half irish and american, helps her do so seamlessly. Throwing up every conceivable culture she can into her productions: Nothing like little electronic elements, crossed over with classic nuggets from the 90s, and back to present day with some Kaytranada, SOPHIE, and Sam Gellaitry influences… The perfect blend only a bi-national with that kind of background can come up with backed by the kind of producer extraordinaires she copped to work on her EP Sleepy Hungry over the course of 3 months.

Of the EP, Mura Masa says :

It’s tough for the US guys to really get the nuances of UK electronic music and it’s equally uncomfortable when UK artists try to compete with Beyoncé or Kendrick. With Bonzai being dual nationality American/Irish and having grown up with DnB as much as RnB, it really feels like she can bring genres together in a natural way. She never has a bad session as she’s got so many tools to choose from as a writer and she’s fearless.

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