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“Is this a real vision / Or is it an illusion”.

‘Atoms’ is the debut single from newcomers, and L.A. natives, DEEP DARK BLUE. It’s refreshingly experimental, the production is mature and restrained, the vocals are smooth – blending perfectly with the instrumentation. There’s a gorgeous “fluttering flute”, as Ben noted, that opens the track. It guides the listener through the first verse, and it’s not a one off. The song is littered with sumptuous synths that dance in and out. One moment a synth is there, the next it’s gone – only to be replaced by another interesting sound. Then another, and another.

I guess the pair’s music would slide under the mantle of ‘Electronica’ or ‘Electronic Pop’ but the sound is hard to pin down. The duo straddle a few genres in the way a Friendly Fires track, or one of Caribou’s releases, would. There are Odesza style sensitivities in the subtlety shown with the dynamics of the percussion and the precision of the bass.

Deep Dark Blue - Los Angeles - Sodwee.com

They explain a bit more about their writing and production process on their website. The band writes, “Our EP was recorded in various living rooms, closets and bathrooms all over California and Europe. It feels really really nice tinkering with sounds and textures, blending samples, electronic elements and live instrumentation together.”

My understanding is that ‘Atoms’ is the first track to be offered up from an upcoming EP. There’s another track by the name of ‘Paradoxical Waves’ on their website, deepdarkblueband.com, and as the duo notes – both tracks are part of their “first collection of songs.” There’s no real way to experience the ethereal qualities of DEEP DARK BLUE‘s debut effort without listening to the track.

So… sit back, chill out and enjoy your first DEEP DARK BLUE experience.

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