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Prepare yourself. We’re not even sure we have the words to accurately describe how haunting this song is. When Billie Eilish first released “Ocean Eyes,” the song was on repeat. We hid in our rooms, wondering how a fourteen-year-old could better tell the story of heartache within 3:20 minutes than all the years we’ve lived.

Born to two musician/actor parents, Billie Eilish is an L.A. based youth who’s proving not to be just a one-hit wonder. Her angelic voice carries a sadness that resonates beyond her years, and when layered like so in “Ocean Eyes,” it’s audio heaven. There’s no doubt she’s one to watch and definitely one worth introducing.

Catch the first glimpse into Billie Eilish‘s world with this music video. If drowning and breathing could be done simultaneously, then “Ocean Eyes” shows you how. The visuals for “Ocean Eyes” are simplistic but absolutely mesmerizing. It’s evident that Billie Eilish truly and deeply feels each word exactly as its meant to feel.

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