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Remixes are the new gateway drug to falling in love with a producer. For French-based producer, Kidswaste, this saying is no exception. We first introduced him with his version of Khai‘s “Do You Go Up” back in January and three months later, we’re back again with his sweet remix of Les Gordon‘s “Atlas.” It never ceases to surprise us how Kidswaste can take an already chill track to the next level. We even played on our Lyft ride home and the driver immediately asked, “Who is this?”

So let’s forgo the “New Music” tag and go straight into “Introducing” this stellar producer. Kidswaste has already teamed up with amazing vocalists like gnash and chelsea cutler to create tunes worthy of repeat (and we heard there’s more on the way!). He’s even got a stamp of approval by Skrillex himself. So if you don’t believe us, believe the man behind OWSLA and other great hits.

Ready to walk on clouds with Kidswaste? Because that’s where his tunes will take you.


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